Is There Any Discount For Me?

Good afternoon Sir, May I help you?
Do you have rooms available?
Yes, we still have rooms available.
How much is it?
The standard room is $45 per night, and the deluxe room is $70 per night.
Is there any discount for me?
How long would you like to stay, Sir?
Two nights.
Yes, we can offer 20% discount for you.
Very kind of you. Does the rate include breakfast?
I’m sorry, breakfast is not included, Sir.
If you can include the breakfast, I’ll confirm to stay here.
Alright then Sir, we will include the breakfast for you.
Thank you very much.
Will you take the standard or deluxe room?
I will take the deluxe room.
Could you fill in the registration form please?
Sure, thank you.
Here you are.
How would you settle your bill Mr. Smith?
I will pay cash. Here you are.
Thank you.
Mr. Smith, your room number is 325. The elevator is at the corner. Have a nice stay with us.
Thank you.

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