How Often Do You Visit The Dentist?

Let’s enjoy the movie and eat the chocolate.
Oh, I wish I could eat a lot of chocolate.
Why not? Don’t think too much, it’s free for you!
I’m afraid of suffering toothache.
I see, but didn’t you tell me for having cavity filled just a couple of days ago?
I did, but I always have problems with sweet and stuff like that; Perhaps my teeth are very sensitive.
How often do you visit the dentist?
I go to the dentist regularly every 6 months and also when I have toothache.
What did the dentist say about your teeth?
She suggested that I use special toothpaste to avoid pain while I was brushing my teeth; She also asked me to brush my teeth at least three times a day.
So have you done it?
Yes I have; But the problem is, I really love drinking sweetened iced tea and coffee.
You must think twice before you consume foods and drinks. Choose the best and the right ones, so next time you will be free of toothache.

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