When Will You Get Married?

What’s that?
It’s a wedding invitation. My aunt, Jennifer will get married next Saturday. She will hold a ceremonial wedding and also a big party in her town.
Sounds nice. How old is she?
She is 28 years old. I believe that would be the best age for a woman to get married, do you think so?
Oh, could be. If we see from the point of age, 28 years old is considered to be a mature woman, but maturity has nothing to do with the age sometimes. To be mature is a matter of choice I guess.
By the way, when will you get married?
Well, I still focus on my study at the moment. But If I can make, I will get married at around 30. How about you?
I have no idea, because there are so many people get divorced. I don’t want to get married soon if I just get divorced eventually. Personally, I will get married only if I’m really sure about my soulmate. I will not make any plans for it. Let it flow.
You’re right.

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