How much loan do you require?

I need to get some information for your loan application.
Yes please. Should I fill out a form?
Yes, later on, but please answer some questions first.
How much loan do you require?
I need $5,000.
What will you do with the loan?
I will setup a small shop selling daily needs.
What do you currently do for a living?
I run a renting house and a car hire company.
How much is your net income per month approximately?
$500 to $600.
What was your gross income last year?
It was $7,500.
Have you got any credit card?
Yes I do, I have cards from two banks.
How much debt do you have on your credit cards at the moment?
Totally around $1,000.
Do you have any outstanding loans?
Yes, It’s around $1,500.
Please complete this form, and sign at the bottom.
When can I know if my application is approved or not?
Latest by three working days.
Thank you very much.

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