I have a problem with my boyfriend

Why do you look so pale?
Yes, you do. Your face is different.
I am not feeling well. I don’t want to eat.
What happens to you?
I have a problem with my boyfriend. He wants to break up our relationship. I still love him but he has changed.
Just because of that? Why are you so stupid?
What do you mean? Why do you call me stupid?
Yes, you are stupid. You hurt yourself just because of a boy.
You don’t know how it feels, I still love him but he has changed. You never love a boy, so you don’t understand my feeling.
Of course, I understand your feeling, I am also a girl who has a love, but I am never like you, hanging your life to a boy.
So what should I do? Can you give me advice?
I know you really love him but does he have the same feeling like you?
What I know is that he also loves me.
If he loves you, he will not hurt you like this. He is not the only boy in this world. You can get someone far better than him, so you should keep smiling.
I think you are right. I should keep smiling. Thanks for your advice.
I hope you will be better now.

You should go to the Doctor

Hi Rita, have you finished doing your math assignment?
No, not yet. I am not feeling well today.
What happens with you? Are you sick?
No, I’m just not feeling well.
You should go to the Doctor.
But I don’t have money to go to the Doctor, because my father hasn’t sent me money yet.
Do you want me to help you?
No, thank you. I’ve asked for your help many times.
It’s okay. Your health is important. As long as I can, I’ll help you.
Very kind of you.
Please don’t say that. We are friends. How about your homework? I’ll help you to do it. We should submit it tomorrow.
Thank you very much. I don’t know what I should say to you.
It’s okay. I am happy to help you.

Do you smell something?

Do you smell something?
Yes, a strange smell. Maybe from that rubbish bin. Let’s check.
Hopefully we know the source of the smell soon.
Yes, there’s a dead fish here. Someone from that house might have thrown it here.
Do we need to move it?
I think so; because this afternoon, there will be a community meeting around here.
How if we throw it to the river?
No, it’s better to bury it in that garden.
The dead fish can cause diseases to the people around the river.
And if we bury it?
The smell of the fish will be localized, and no flies will spread the diseases.
Do we have tools to bury it?
We can borrow them from my father.

I felt a sharp pain on my back

Good morning, Sir. How is your feeling today?
A little bit tired. I couldn’t sleep well last night, and I felt a sharp pain on my back.
Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like a shower today?
I think I just need a wipe. Could you help me, please?
Sure. Let me help you to get undressed.
Ouch !! It’s painful on my back!
Oh sorry, I will be more slowly moving your body.
Can you put on some powder on my back? It’s itchy when I’m sweating.
Certainly, Sir. But you’d better wear cotton materials so it can absorb your sweat well.
Oh OK, thank you for your suggestion.
I’ve done, Sir. Anything else you would like me to do?
It’s enough, thank you very much.
You’re welcome. Please press the buzzer if you need any help.

What home remedy can I take to ease flu?

Rainy season is coming soon!
Yeah! We should be ready with umbrella and raincoat.
Actually rainy season is not really enjoyable for me.
Wet season is good for us, isn’t it? We can grow many plants easily.
Well, you’re right, but I’m very sensitive with cold weather, and when I catch the rain, I can be easily getting flu.
So, preventive is better than curative. Be ready with medicine.
I hate taking medicines, especially the chemical ones.
You can prepare remedy by yourself which is natural and easy to get.
What home remedy can I take to ease flu?
Try making combination of honey, lemon, and little cinnamon, heat them slightly, a few spoons of this will soothe the throat.
Ah, that sounds helpful! I should try it. Thank you for the tips!

What kind of food do you avoid eating?

Do you think I’m getting fatter than before?
Yes a little bit. Are you upset with that?
Yes of course. I don’t like being fat, you know! I must be on diet.
As long as you are healthy, I think it’s okay with your body. That’s not too big for your height.
Well, you are right. But I still want to be on diet.
So, what kind of food do you avoid eating?
That’s the problem. I love anything cooked with coconut milk, and also almost all fried food. As far as I know, coconut milk contains saturated fatty acid. It might increase my weight.
How about boiled or steamed food?
Well, I don’t really like it. It will be hard for me. But no pain, no gain. So I must control myself.
And you can do more exercise to help loose your weight too.
That’s true.

Have you taken medicine?

What’s wrong with you? You are supposed to work instead of sleeping.
Yes Sir, please forgive me. I suddenly feel dizzy.
Do you suffer high blood pressure or any other disease?
No Sir, I just couldn’t sleep well last night.
What did you think about?
Nothing Sir, It was just unusually happened.
You should keep your health by applying a healthy lifestyle.
Yes Sir, I normally exercise now and then, But yesterday I was a bit busy.
Have you taken medicine?
Yes, I have.
OK then, you can go home earlier, but you must ask your co-worker to take over your work.
Yes Sir, Thank you very much.

How Often Do You Visit The Dentist?

Let’s enjoy the movie and eat the chocolate.
Oh, I wish I could eat a lot of chocolate.
Why not? Don’t think too much, it’s free for you!
I’m afraid of suffering toothache.
I see, but didn’t you tell me for having cavity filled just a couple of days ago?
I did, but I always have problems with sweet and stuff like that; Perhaps my teeth are very sensitive.
How often do you visit the dentist?
I go to the dentist regularly every 6 months and also when I have toothache.
What did the dentist say about your teeth?
She suggested that I use special toothpaste to avoid pain while I was brushing my teeth; She also asked me to brush my teeth at least three times a day.
So have you done it?
Yes I have; But the problem is, I really love drinking sweetened iced tea and coffee.
You must think twice before you consume foods and drinks. Choose the best and the right ones, so next time you will be free of toothache.