What did you do when you saw the accident?

I heard there was an accident yesterday. Is that true?
Yes, that is true. I was here yesterday. I wanted to go to the library.
How could the accident happen? Do you know exactly what happened?
Yes, I do. I couldn’t believe that I witnessed such an accident.
Was it terrible?
Yes, it was. I saw the man with the motorbike was hit by the truck. The truck was coming from the opposite direction. The man with the motorbike tried to take over but he didn’t realize there was a truck coming.
Oh my goodness. Then what happened with both the guys?
The man with the motorbike got a very serious injury, and the truck driver was just shocked.
What did you do when you saw the accident?
I did nothing. I was too afraid because there was much blood.
Oh my goodness. You should be careful when riding a motorbike.
Yes of course. I got a trauma if I remember that happening.
Try to forget it. Erase it from your memory.
Okay, I will try.

How could he get the accident?

Why do you look unhappy?
Haven’t you heard the news about our friend?
What news?
Our friend Greg of the Social Class had got an accident.
Really? Where is he now?
He’s in the hospital. I want to visit him tonight.
Does he get a serious injury?
I heard he got a serious injury. He is still unconscious until now.
How could he get the accident?
I don’t know for sure. But Liana, his friend in Social Class said, he put a high speed when riding his motorcycle on the way to school, the road was slippery, so he fell down and his head hit the street hardly.
Oh my god. What a pity boy. What time will you visit him tonight?
Around 7.00 to 8.00.
I also want to visit him. May I come with you?
Sure, where do we meet?
I’ll come to your house.

Should we call the ambulance for a help?

Hi look! There are many people over there! What happened?!
Oh it seems to be an accident! Let’s come closer!
Oh my God! It’s really a terrible accident, the man is bleeding.
I bet it is a nose-to-tail accident, because the front of one car is seriously damaged, and the other car is completely damaged at the back.
I think so, let’s give them first aid.
We must take them to the nearest hospital right away.
Should we call the ambulance for a help?
Let’s see first.
Look, there is a police car coming.
It’s good then. We can ask them for help.

Can you show me your driving license?

This is a one way traffic.
Oh I’m sorry Sir, I don’t realize it.
Don’t you see the traffic sign?
No Sir, I’m in hurry.
Well, can you show me your driving license?
I’m really sorry, I haven’t got a driving license yet.
How come?
I’m always busy doing my job, so I have no time to apply for it.
Don’t you know our office is now open on weekend?
Yes, from last year.
It’s good then; I will apply for it this weekend.
Okay, but I should give you the traffic tickets for your two mistakes today.
Two? What are they, Sir?
First, you ride on the wrong way, and second you don’t have your driving license.
Oh, I see.