Why do you choose to go to Indonesia?

Why do you choose to go to Indonesia?
I’ve visited most of the tourism countries; only Indonesia I haven’t visited yet. And I heard Indonesia is a good place to visit.
What kind of business will you do there? As I know, you are very busy with your old business. Will you leave your company?
I’m following someone. I heard he also will go to Indonesia. So this is a good chance for me. I’ve asked my sister to take care of my company until I’m back.
Who are you spying on?
My boyfriend.
What? Are you crazy? Why do you spy on your boyfriend?
I think he is hiding something from me.
Are you sure this is right?
Of course this is right. I just want to prove if he lies or not to me.
Whom will you go with?
I’ll go by myself.
How long do you think you will be there?
Depend on the situation, but will be not more than two weeks.
Okay, enjoy your holiday then.
Thank you.

Where will you go for your holiday this year?

Where will you go for your holiday this year?
I will go to Bali.
Why do you choose Bali?
Bali is a beautiful island. Even though it’s small; but the view is very good; and the atmosphere is very quiet.
Do you often go to Bali?
Yes, I often go to Bali because I have many friends there.
Really? How long does it take from Perth?
Around 4 hours flight.
What can we see in Bali?
Besides the beach, the people are very friendly and the food is very delicious.
How long will you be in Bali?
I think I’ll stay there for 2 weeks. Will you come with me?
Maybe next time. I’ve made a plan to have my holiday in Christmas Island this year.

What do you usually do on holiday?

Hi, what are you doing?
I am making a plan for the next holiday.
What? You make a plan for the holiday? So, you always have activities on holiday?
Of course. My family always go somewhere on our holidays.
Really? That is very enjoyable. By the way, what did you do on the last holiday?
We went to a very beautiful island. It’s located in the northern part of our country. The island is still natural, and has a very wonderful view.
How about you? What do you usually do on holiday?

I don’t do anything. I usually go to see my grandmother in the village. That’s all I do because my parents are very busy.
Why are they always busy?
They are always busy doing their jobs.
How if you come with my family to spend your holiday?
I am afraid, my parents will not allow me. They must send me to my grandmother’s house.
I think, they do that because they love you and in the village, there will be your grandmother who will take care of you.
May be like that, but I also want to go somewhere like you.
You can wait till your parents are not busy.

I want to book flight tickets to London

Good morning, Sir, may I help you?
Good morning, I want to book flight tickets to London for this Sunday. Is it still available?
Please wait a moment, I will check it first.
Thank you.
Yes Sir, it is still available.
Okay, I want to book for 2 people. We want to have the front seat.
May I have your name, please?
Charles and Olivia Brown.
May I see your passports, please?
Here you are.
How will you pay for it?
I will pay by my Visa Card.
May I have your card, please?
Here you are.
Please wait a moment Mr. Brown, I will prepare the tickets for you.
Alright then.
Could you sign here, please?
Here are the tickets, and here is the receipt. Thank you for using our service. Wish you a nice flight.
Thank you.

What do you plan for the next holiday?

What do you plan for the next holiday?
I plan to visit Egypt, and I’ve booked the accommodation.
Sounds perfect! Why do you decide to go there?
I heard that there are many historical places there, and I really enjoy learning history.
How long are you going to stay there?
It will be for two weeks.
It’s quite a long time. Will you take your children with you?
No, I’ll just go with my wife.
Who will take care of them here?
I’ll have my sister to be with them.